Planter Monitors

blockage monitor asmii for air seeders

Blockage Monitor ASMII for Air Seeders

Air Seeder Blockage Monitor ASMII by DICKEY-john is our simple standalone blockage monitor.

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air seeder monitor | dickey-john iso6

Air Seeder Monitor | DICKEY-john ISO6

The DICKEY-john ISO6 Air Seeder Monitor displays flow rates and blockages on an Air Seeder.

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daisy chain blockage system

Daisy Chain Blockage System

This system monitors seed and fertiliser blockages on Air Seeder implements. Sensors connect together to simplify harnessing.

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dickey-john pm100e planter monitor

DICKEY-john PM100E Planter Monitor

The PM100E planter monitor rapidly provides alarms at any reduction in seed flow to prevent unplanted areas (row worms).

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dickeyjohn pm300 planter monitor

DICKEYjohn PM300 Planter Monitor

The PM300 provides population data, area data and blockage monitoring for up to 16 rows. The PM400 is also available for up to 36 rows.

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hy rate plus seed sensor

Hy Rate Plus Seed Sensor

The Hy Rate Plus LED Seed Sensor accurately counts seeding population during planting, regardless of seed type, size shape and seeding rate. eg. Sorghum & Canola.

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implement lift switch

Implement Lift Switch

The Implement Lift Switch alerts your controller or monitor when your implement is raised.

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planter monitor | dickeyjohn iso6

Planter Monitor | DICKEYjohn ISO6

DICKEY-john ISO6 provides population and singulation monitoring for precision planters. Up to 16 stored materials for easy changeover between products.

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