Liquid Valves & KZ Valves

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kz valves

KZ Valves

We are your KZ Valve distributor. We can supply regulating, section, shutoff motorised ball valves. US build quality ensures reliability in harshest environments.

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dickey-john iso6 liquid sprayer control

DICKEY-john ISO6 Liquid Sprayer Control

The DICKEY-john ISO6 can deliver accurate application rates of liquid products on various implements. Section control available.

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electro magnetic flow meters

Electro Magnetic Flow Meters

Liquid flow feedback for closed-loop system control. Polypropylene - Glass reinforced , Hydrolytically Stable available in different sizes.

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flow meter paddlewheel

Flow Meter Paddlewheel

Paddle Wheel Flow Meters are a simple and economical flow feedback sensor. Various sizes available.

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