Accessory Sensors

accessory rpm sensor

Accessory RPM Sensor

Supplies an accessory RPM signal to your controller or monitor.

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air pressure sensor analogue

Air Pressure Sensor Analogue

The Air Pressure Sensor provides pressure or vacuum signal when installed.

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air pressure sensor dickeyjohn

Air Pressure Sensor DICKEYjohn

Sensor provides a digital pressure signal for DICKEYjohn controllers and monitors.

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application rate sensor

Application Rate Sensor

Shaft speed sensor for use in a control channel feedback loop.

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bin level sensor

Bin Level Sensor

Provides a digital signal to trigger alarms when product drops below the face of the sensor.

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dickey-john radar ii & iii ground speed sensors

DICKEY-john Radar II & III Ground Speed Sensors

The Radar II & III provide accurate radar based ground speed signal. Designed to withstand the harshest environments.

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hopper level sensor

Hopper Level Sensor

Provides a low level reading when product drops below the face of the sensor. Fully sealed Hopper Level Sensor engineered to withstand mounting inside a hopper.

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hy rate plus seed sensor

Hy Rate Plus Seed Sensor

The Hy Rate Plus LED Seed Sensor accurately counts seeding population during planting, regardless of seed type, size shape and seeding rate. eg. Sorghum & Canola.

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hyrate seed sensor | dickey-john

HyRate Seed Sensor | DICKEY-john

The HyRate sensor offers high counting accuracy for large seeds with robust design for the harshest environments.

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implement lift switch

Implement Lift Switch

The Implement Lift Switch alerts your controller or monitor when your implement is raised.

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sat-speed sensor 1hz

Sat-Speed Sensor 1Hz

A GPS ground speed solution similar to a Radar simple and economical solution for ground speed source for monitoring applications.

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sat-speed sensor 5hz

Sat-Speed Sensor 5Hz

A GPS ground speed solution that offers performance similar to Radar. For control applications where fast ground speed updates are critical for control systems to maintain accurate application rates.

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vigilense seed blockage sensor

Vigilense Seed Blockage Sensor

The Vigilense™ Blockage Sensor detects the flow of material and is designed for ease of installation across many seeding and material detection applications.

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