Vigilense Seed Blockage Sensor

The Vigilense™ Blockage Sensor detects the flow of material and is designed for ease of installation across many seeding and material detection applications.

vigilense seed blockage sensor


In-line blockage sensor for use with air seeder hose. The most accurate blockage sensor on the market.

The Vigilense can replace existing sensors that sense material detection via a drilled hole or a flowthru style.

For new installations, lay harnessing on the implement to determine exact location to install sensor. Avoid pinch points in folding or moving parts and allow enough slack to retain harnessing.

  • Detects the smallest canola seed to the largest fertilizer granule.
  • Detects predetermined blockage percent level, not just "flowing" or "blocked".

Multiple Sizes Available:

46742-0711 – 32 mm (1.25") inner diameter
46742-0720 – 45 mm (1.75") inner diameter