Fertiliser Spreader Control

accessory rpm sensor

Accessory RPM Sensor

Supplies an accessory RPM signal to your controller or monitor.

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application rate sensor

Application Rate Sensor

Shaft speed sensor for use in a control channel feedback loop.

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dickey-john fertiliser spreader control

DICKEY-john Fertiliser Spreader Control

The DICKEY-john ISO6 can control application rates of fertiliser spreaders & stool splitters with belt, spinner and auger rate control.

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The HydraDrive package combines a hydraulic motor and valve to give versatile RPM and Torque specifications for a wide range of implements.

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hydraforce proportional hydraulic valve

Hydraforce Proportional Hydraulic Valve

These proportional valves provide Hydraulic flow control when supplied a Pulse Width Modulated signal (PWM).

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