Hydraforce Proportional Hydraulic Valve

These proportional valves provide Hydraulic flow control when supplied a Pulse Width Modulated signal (PWM).

hydraforce proportional hydraulic valve


Hydraforce PWM Valves

Proportional Hydraulic Flow Control Valves


  • Available in 4 and 8 gpm sizes
  • Operating pressure inlet 3,500 psi (240 bar)
  • Regulated flow rate 0-4 gpm (0-15 lpm), 0-8 gpm (0-30 lpm)
  • Reverse free flow cracking pressure 15-20 psi (1-1.4 bar)
  • Internal leakage 0.10 gpm (0.38 lpm) at zero current
  • Coil voltage 12 VDC
  • Maximum control current of 1,500 ┬▒100 mA

Use the following information to help you choose the right flow control valve for your equipment.