DICKEY-john ISO6 Liquid Sprayer Control

The DICKEY-john ISO6 can deliver accurate application rates of liquid products on various implements. Section control available.

dickey-john iso6 liquid sprayer control


The IntelliAg™ Liquid Sprayer Control System is available as a Flow Meter based system. It has section control capabilities and is easily retro-fitted to many different sprayer configurations.

The DICKEY-john ISO6 Liquid / Sprayer Controller offers 2, 4, 6 or 8 channels of liquid rate control (or monitoring).

  • PWM & servo actuator control.
  • Automated valve calibrations: 1-button press.
  • Up to 16 stored materials for easy changeover between products.
  • Control liquid sections with the use of section valves and theBoom Output Module. Virtual Switches unlock allows toggling of the sections through the Work Screen: no additional switch panel required.
  • A graphical representation lets you monitor the status of your boom on the Work Screen, allowing you to always know which sections are on or off.
  • Customisable work screens (up to 4 screens) allow the user to see the information most important to them.
dickey-john iso6 liquid sprayer control