Daisy Chain Blockage System

This system monitors seed and fertiliser blockages on Air Seeder implements. Sensors connect together to simplify harnessing.

daisy chain blockage system


Detecting air seeder blockages just became a lot easier with the DICKEY-john® Daisy Chain Air Seeder Blockage System (DCBS).

This system monitors seed and fertilizer flow on small and large air seeder implements and alerts of blocked or faulty sensors.

The Daisy Chain Blockage System architecture consists of a blockage module and daisy chain (serial communication) blockage sensors.

Each module and sensor displays on the virtual terminal indicating critical system parameters for the selected loop.

Advanced diagnostics is a value-added feature to assist in quick identification of system issues relating to sensor, communication, and

power issues of the Daisy Chain Blockage System. Alarm screens alert of system issues and exact problem location.

The system’s two-way communication allows for continued operation with pinched wires or breaks in communication lines to minimize

downtime in the field.