Air Seeder Control System | DICKEYjohn ISO6

The ISO6 is an ISOBUS Air Seeder Controller capable of monitoring up to 8 channels of granular and liquid product. It can also monitor Air Seeder hoses for blockage.

air seeder control system | dickeyjohn iso6


ISO6 Intelliag System - Air Seeder Control System

The ISO6 ISOBUS system is the latest 8-channel control system from Dickey-john. Based on the ISO-11783 standard, the system is plug & play through any compatible terminal, allowing the use of documentation, section control, prescription maps & boundary shutoff. Various unlocks give the user features like virtual section switches & implement folding; all through the base module.

  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 channels of granular or liquid rate control (or monitoring).
  • PWM & servo actuator control.
  • Automated valve calibrations: 1- button press.
  • Up to 16 stored materials for easy changeover between products.
  • Preset method allows the user to choose from 10 application rates on the go.
  • Display accessory sensors (hopper low level, air pressure, & RPM).
  • Set high/low alarms (with customisable alarm behaviour).
  • Blockage/population sensor compatible (up to 196 rows using accessory modules).
  • Customisable work screen allows the user to see the information most important to them.
  • "Product Level" shows the remaining area coverable by each hopper based on their application rates.
air seeder control system | dickeyjohn iso6
air seeder control system | dickeyjohn iso6