Row Crop Controller

Individual Row Crop Control with the DICKEY-john ISO6

row crop controller


The ISO6 IntelliAG system is the latest ISOBUS Rate Controller from DICKEY-john.

The system support up to 48 rows of Individual Row Control,

ensuring accurate seeding rates across the entire bar, even while turning, using Row by Row Turn Compensation.


  • Perform Individual Row Control on up to 48 rows
  • CANBUS electric motors for simple setup. No shaft speed sensors required.
  • Up to 16 stored materials for easy changeover between products.
  • Up to 8 x Variable Rate compatible control channels simultaneously.
  • Preset method lets the user set 10 rates to choose from on the go.
  • Set motor RPM limit alarms.
  • Customisable work screen allows the user to see the information most important to them.
  • Turn compensation adjusts each motor speed relative to angle of planter.

row crop controller
row crop controller