DICKEY-john ISO6 Planter Controller

The ISO6 planter controller delivers accurate seeding and fertiliser rates while also monitoring population, singulation and seed spacing. Section control available.

dickey-john iso6 planter controller


The DICKEY-john Control system ISO6 is an ISOBUS compatible control system that can be used for accurate seeding rates on a row crop planter.

The integration continues as ISO6 provides advanced seed monitoring for row crop planting. Seed singulation and spacing quality are now provided as standard features, eliminating installation inconvenience and additional module and harnessing expenses.  These features, when combined with the Hy Rate Plus Seed Sensor, provide the most accurate planting data available at high seeding rates.

Designed for rapid utilization, the ISO6 provides flexible feature sets that can easily be customized to meet specific needs. Implement fold sequencing is one example where those needs can be identified and incorporated with minimal effort. The result is the elimination of a switch module that would otherwise be required.  This same approach provides section shutoff capabilities without a switch module given the utilization of a universal terminal with virtual switches and task controller functionality.

  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 channels of granular or liquid rate control (or monitoring).
  • PWM & servo actuator control.
  • Automated valve calibrations: 1-button press.
  • Up to 16 stored materials for easy changeover between products.
  • Display population, seed spacing & seeds/metre (average &highest/lowest rows) when planter sensors installed. Also see relative population between rows with bargraphs.
  • Unlocks allow singulation data & bargraphs to be displayed (16rows max for primary module,extra module for further rows).Customisable singulation bargraphs to suit any situation.
  • Customisable work screens (up to 4 screens) allow the user to see the information most important to them.
dickey-john iso6 planter controller
dickey-john iso6 planter controller