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Moisture & Grain Analysis

gac 2500 intl


Features and Benefits :
  • Utilizes 149 MHz technology to provide precise results that track closely to Air Oven methods
  • Accurate temperature-sensing capabilities allow you to measure frozen and hot grain
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive color touch screen eliminates operator training
  • Reduces the number of required calibrations
  • Shorter analysis time allows more samples to be run
  • Improved mechanics offer trouble-free operation
  • Optional pass-thru drawer minimizes real-life run time in grain operations
  • Auto-run feature eliminates the need to touch the instrument during operation
  • Improved data storage and share processing
  • Memory storage for up to 3,000 measurements
  • Multiple USB ports on the back of the unit for software upgrades, USB devices, printer and peripherals
  • Additional USB ports located on the front of unit for easy calibration imports and data exports
  • Local calibrations supported

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