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Moisture & Grain Analysis

minigac 2500 bt

MiniGAC 2500 BT


Description :

Now with 149 MHz - UGMA technology to match the new moisture testers at the elevator.

Measuring grain moisture straight from the field has never been easier than with the DICKEY-john mini GAC® 2500 handheld grain moisture analyzers. This handheld moisture tester offers the highest level of accuracy in its class, plus the mini GAC® 2500 is fast and easy to use and now boasts BlueTooth Connectivity.

Soil Compaction Tester



Description :

DICKEY-john, the world-wide leader in grain moisture analyzers, offers the GAC® 2500-INTL, a multilingual benchtop grain moisture tester that utilizes Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm technology (149 MHz) to provide the most accurate and repeatable results when compared to laboratory methods.

miniGAC Plus

MiniGAC Plus Grain Moisture Analyzer


Description :

The DICKEY-john mini GAC plus grain moisture analyzers are the first handhelds with grain trade accuracy.

GAC2100 Agri

GAC2100 Agri


Description :

The GAC2100 Agri is a convenient and reliable test instrument designed for large-acreage farms needing immediate moisture, temperature and test weight information on up to 8 different grains.

instalab 700 nir analyzer

Instalab 700 NIR Analyzer


Description :

Reliable and accurate fixed filter testing that is simple to operate.

The Instalab®700 analyzer offers reliability and accuracy in fixed filter testing that is simple to operate and affordable.

Quality design and construction ensures the most reliable NIR results available. The Instalab®700 has a patented rotating sample cup which virtually eliminates problems associated with sample non-homogeneity. The cup rotation is computer controlled, with 120 readings taken at 3° intervals and averaged for each wavelength. The optional liquid sample cup has a non-rotation feature for measurement of liquids and oils. 

Completely customizable, it allows filters to be changed to adjust the bandwidth for product constituents, including protein, cellulose, sugar, ash, starch, oil and fat, alcohol, cotton, and polyester. The Instalab®700 is an analytical upgrade from the Instalab®600 series, which allows for porting of the Instalab®600’s extensive constituient library to the Instalab®700.

The Instalab®700 is dependable in design and built for trouble-free operation in any environment – from lab to production line.

Soil Compaction Tester

Soil Compaction Tester

Description :

The simplest way to measure soil compaction.

Sensor Tech

Description :

The Sensor Tech is a diagnostic tool that can test sensors, wiring harnesses and monitors.

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