ISOBUS Controller DICKEY-john ISO6

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dickey-john iso6 planter controller

DICKEY-john ISO6 Planter Controller

The ISO6 planter controller delivers accurate seeding and fertiliser rates while also monitoring population, singulation and seed spacing. Section control available.

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air seeder control system | dickeyjohn iso6

Air Seeder Control System | DICKEYjohn ISO6

The ISO6 is an ISOBUS Air Seeder Controller capable of monitoring up to 8 channels of granular and liquid product. It can also monitor Air Seeder hoses for blockage.

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air seeder monitor | dickey-john iso6

Air Seeder Monitor | DICKEY-john ISO6

The DICKEY-john ISO6 Air Seeder Monitor displays flow rates and blockages on an Air Seeder.

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application rate sensor

Application Rate Sensor

Shaft speed sensor for use in a control channel feedback loop.

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dickey-john fertiliser spreader control

DICKEY-john Fertiliser Spreader Control

The DICKEY-john ISO6 can control application rates of fertiliser spreaders & stool splitters with belt, spinner and auger rate control.

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dickey-john iso6 liquid sprayer control

DICKEY-john ISO6 Liquid Sprayer Control

The DICKEY-john ISO6 can deliver accurate application rates of liquid products on various implements. Section control available.

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The HydraDrive package combines a hydraulic motor and valve to give versatile RPM and Torque specifications for a wide range of implements.

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implement lift switch

Implement Lift Switch

The Implement Lift Switch alerts your controller or monitor when your implement is raised.

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planter monitor | dickeyjohn iso6

Planter Monitor | DICKEYjohn ISO6

DICKEY-john ISO6 provides population and singulation monitoring for precision planters. Up to 16 stored materials for easy changeover between products.

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